Welcome to Our Demo site!

Using a simple and yet powerful layering system of PNG files, our product customizer is able to handle not only colors but shapes, shadows and any effect.
Each available choice is linked to a transparent PNG picture. The combination of all selected choices will render the final preview by combining all pictures together which is the result you see.

The Ouando Skin is one of the skin add-ons for our Visual Product Configurator for WooCoomerce plugin. It lets you display your configurator to your site visitors with the one of three layouts: top bar, bottom bar and Multiview.

The demo below shows the bottom bar layout.

How to use it:

  • Click the icons in the bottom bar e.g. Body, A Button, B Button etc. Doing this will show the options available for each component.
  • Click the arrows on the sides of the bottom bar to scroll through the available components.
  • Click the ‘X’ at the right hand corner to close each component you select, and return to the component display.

Watch the displayed product change as you make your selections! The price changes for some selected options too.

Happy Demoing!

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